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The guiding principles of
Schunk Hoffmann Carbon Technology AG

We are an industrial company that develops and manufactures technical components for current transmission and commutation in sliding contacts. In this market segment, we also develop corresponding problem solutions for the functional periphery of our products. Furthermore, we are open to employing our know-how and experience to applications beyond our current field of business.
We take advantage of market opportunities worldwide and produce in several countries.

We understand ourselves as development orientated series supplier supporting the customer during the whole process of brainstorming, concept draft, development, series introduction, process maturity and production.

Our innovative and growth-oriented corporate culture is distinguished by a high degree of independence and freedom in making decisions for our employees.
We have been shaped by the high demands of the automotive industry, which we have successfully fulfilled in the past years.
Our company is characterized by its ability to make decisions rapidly.
When doing so, our corporate principles, as a general strategy, are always binding guidelines for our actions.