Schunk Hoffmann Carbon Technology

Schunk Hoffmann Carbon Technology has a batch tracing without gaps already since the foundation in 1946. At the beginning it was only applied in the product segment railroad but later this well-tried concept was transferred on the carbon brush production for automotive, domestic appliances and power tooling.

The target of the QM-system at Schunk Hoffmann is evident: "0 failures" - this demand of the automotive industry is realized by a self examination of each employee at his workplace. Extensive documentation of the current QM-system was the condition for the successful certification according to DIN ISO 9001 at Steeg (Austria) and DIN ISO 9002 at Csesztreg (Hungary).

The consequent realization of improvements leaded to the certification of all three locations according to QS 9000 in 1998. This step does not at least serve the fundamental of the quality policy of Schunk Hoffmann - the realization of corporate quality at every location of the internationally active company. The success of the consequent application of QS9000 is reflected in several awards of our customers like BOSCH ("Anerkennung für Qualität und besondere Leistungen als Lieferant der Bosch-Gruppe" - "In recognition for quality and special achievements as supplier of the Bosch-group") and VALEO ("Participation à la conception et au développement de nos produits" - "Participation in conception and development of our products").

Beside these awards and extremely positive audit results the confidential relation between customer and supplier is prior. This can only be achieved by supplying constantly excellent quality at market prices.

Current Quality Assurance

Current Quality Assurance

Profile Projector for current process control, Machine Data Collection for Quality Documentation and Visualization, Pull- and Push- Universal Testing Machine, Integrated Inspection Facilities in Mounting-Machines, SPC Statistical Process Control